Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trouble in LA

About a month ago I got a surprising call from my friend Andy saying that there was someone from the LA Film Festival trying to get a hold of me to enter the music video I made for Andy (Astronautalis). I receive a call from the LA Film Fest and get all the info I need shortly after and get Trouble Hunters entered. This still all seems kind of surreal. I wasn't planning on being able to attend the Festival, but my family and friends had a plan in motion to raise money to not only send me, but my girlfriend Martha as well! I can't thank everybody enough for doing that for us.

Also, there's another Jacksonvillian in the Festival line-up: Fur in My Cap: Rob Roy


  1. I still can't believe that. I'm so stoked that you're going out there. Have a blast!

  2. thats why there was all the vampire ashes in the parking garage on monday


  3. That must have been a different vampire incident. I hear they're very fond of the AI parking garage!