Friday, June 25, 2010

LA Film Festival

I returned earlier this week from one of the biggest wake up calls/ learning experiences of my film career. I need to up my game! Not just with making better films, I'm always trying to out do my pervious work, but this was just by chance that the programming director, Drea, saw my music video and invited me to the festival and I could have been entering my work into festivals this whole time. Not only that, but the whole networking aspect. A simple thing like handing someone a business card seemed so foreign to me. I did meet some great directors that weekend and was very humbled by how great they were! I have a new excitement for my craft now. The bar has been raised and I'm thrilled about that!
Here's to next years LA Film Festival and other cities to come!

Here are some of my favorites from the screening:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trouble in LA

About a month ago I got a surprising call from my friend Andy saying that there was someone from the LA Film Festival trying to get a hold of me to enter the music video I made for Andy (Astronautalis). I receive a call from the LA Film Fest and get all the info I need shortly after and get Trouble Hunters entered. This still all seems kind of surreal. I wasn't planning on being able to attend the Festival, but my family and friends had a plan in motion to raise money to not only send me, but my girlfriend Martha as well! I can't thank everybody enough for doing that for us.

Also, there's another Jacksonvillian in the Festival line-up: Fur in My Cap: Rob Roy