Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Final Cut Studio

With more than 100 new features, the new Final Cut Studio advances the art and technology of filmmaking with innovations that help you work faster, collaborate more efficiently, and finish brilliantly.

It's about time! Looks like they still don't really care much about DVD studio pro. Still at version 4, which is still a great application. Time to do some research on it and figure how I'm gonna update!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

48 Hour Film Project

I've participated in five of these competitions so far. We had huge success in the Orlando competition, but not so much in our hometown. I feel our win in Orlando was deserving. There was no elbow rubbing to be done. Nobody knew us. We just showed up out of nowhere and ran the train on Orlando, which most of the other teams were not happy about. But I feel it's different here in Jacksonville. Something felt fishy about the whole thing. I'm not saying we should of won, but we should have gotten more credit than just runner-up for best actor for the puppet we used. I thought the film "Sketchy" should have won a lot more than they did as well. The only teams that I thought were deserving of what they got was Somebody call an Ambulance, and "Static Lullaby" By AI JAX Red Team, all those guys are good. The "best film" got a resounding "huh?" from the whole audience. It was weird. When they announced the best film, it seemed that everybody just kind of got up and started moving towards the exit, in a "that was kind of a waste of time" way. Maybe I missed something. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but I was pretty disappointed by the whole thing. Mainly because it's a really fun competition and I would like to do it again next but now I don't know.

Here's what we entered:

The guidelines every team had to follow were:
Character: Peter/Penny Dupree
Prop: Disposable Camera
Line of dialogue: What did you do that for?

The genre we had was Romance, hence the title of the film.


Monday, July 20, 2009

iPhone 3G S

I've been playing around with shooting video on the new iPhone and I've decided to shoot my next short film with it. It's not the best quality by any means, but I feel it's my duty to give it a try.

-- Mark